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United Self Defense Arts Training Club LLC:

United Self Defense Arts Training Club LLC is a positive cultured martial arts Academy located in Abu Dhabi the capital city of UAE it is a well known branch of United Martial Arts Academy International (UMAI) Sifu CP Arif Palazhi is the Founder and Grand Master of this greate institute. We offer training different martial arts like Karate, Kungfu, Wushu, Kalari, Kick boxing and Yoga etc… We help people living in UAE to develop their skills and maintain their physical and mental fitness. The goal of our club is not to earn more students but to teach them well enough for them to able to learn of different martial arts. We will provide the best trainers for the students and we will not stop teaching them until they will become a good and able to train others. Totally United Self Defense Arts Training Club is a good platform for physical and mental fitness and wellness

United Martial Arts Academy International (UMAI):

United Martial Arts Academy International (UMAI) is an organization which has been shining in social and cultural cenario for last 25 years.

UMAI mainly focuses on life, skill education and we offer special coaching’s on yoga, Karate, Kung-fu, Wrestling, Wushu and Kobudo etc… It helps the students to maintain physical & mental health thereby they can achieve their goals. We are always taking care to offer special counseling for parents and children to lead tension free life.

We offer special training that enables them to be qualified not only for scholarships but also to participate national & international games Through Martial arts, We are giving a positive reinforcement and your child will develop what we are called iron citizen of India. It helps them to dream a better tomorrow.

Always be with us….. With valuable prayer

Master C.P Arif Completed his 30th year in martial arts field. Our Grand Master C.P Arif is a member in Asian Chief Referee’s panel in karate. He has 7th Dan Black Belt (Kyoshi Degree) in WUKF, AIBKF and Kung fu. He has more than 1000 Black Belt holders and more than 10000 color belt holders across world.

Mr. C.P Arif has participated in the seminar which was held in Beijing (china) under International Wushu federation (IWUF). Later he got “A” grade in judges (Higher Grade) examination and seminar which was held at shanghai (China) in 2014.