Welcome to UMAI Martial Arts Academy's Yoga program. Yoga is an ancient practice that originated in India and is focused on physical postures, breath control, and meditation. At UMAI, we are proud to offer expert instruction in this holistic practice that can help you to find balance and inner peace. Our Yoga training is suitable for individuals of all skill levels and will help you to develop flexibility, strength, and mental clarity.

Key Benefits of OUR YOGA


01. Improved flexibility and balance.

Yoga training involves a series of poses that help to improve flexibility and balance.


02. Increased muscle strength and tone

Yoga training involves using your own body weight to tone and strengthen muscles.


03. Reduced stress and anxiety

Yoga training involves breathing and meditation techniques that can help to reduce stress and anxiety.


04. Improved concentration and focus

Yoga training requires concentration and focus, which helps to improve mental focus and discipline and cultivates mindfulness and inner peace.


05.Improved overall well-being

Yoga training is holistic and can help to improve overall well-being by reducing stress, improving posture, and promoting relaxation.


06.Promotes self-awareness

Yoga training involves focusing on the present moment, which can help to promote self-awareness and self-acceptance.

WHAT YOU Learn from this tarining

Why Learn Yoga at UMAI?

At UMAI, our Yoga training is led by highly qualified and experienced instructors who are dedicated to providing a positive and inclusive training environment. Our comprehensive training programs cater to all skill levels and are designed to help you reach your full potential. Whether you are looking to improve your flexibility, reduce stress, or simply learn something new, our Yoga training is the ideal choice for you.

Why Yoga is the ideal choice for you?

Yoga is a holistic practice that can help to improve flexibility and balance, increase muscle strength and tone, reduce stress and anxiety and promote self-awareness and self-acceptance. Additionally, it can provide mental clarity, physical strength, and emotional balance.

At UMAI, we believe that Yoga is not only a physical practice, but also a mental and emotional journey that can help you find balance and inner peace. Join us today and experience the benefits of Yoga training.

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